Integrity is knowing you did your best for all purposes and the only witness is yourself.
– Matthew J. Kidd, Esq.

The Law Office of Matthew J. Kidd provides focused and dedicated legal services to clients in a manner that “Big Law” firms often fail to provide. We custom-tailor our legal services to each client’s needs and desires. Whether you are looking for assistance with criminal defense, business law, or bankruptcy, the Law Office of Matthew J. Kidd will zealously represent you in and out of a court.

We have elected to stay small in order to represent our clients effectively and service each client’s individual needs. The Law Office of Matthew J. Kidd is conveniently located in downtown Boston, providing the strategic advantage of immediate access to the Commonwealth’s high courts.

Our legal team has real-world experience beyond the practice of law. Our attorney backgrounds range from small business ownership to high technology, project management, and real estate. Our professional and intellectual diversity, combined with our dedication to providing customized, client-tailored support, make us one of Boston’s best small law firms.


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